Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- Revenge Game Again

jonathan toews jerseyGood morning Chicago Blackhawks fans! The World Cup of hockey does not seem to be building much of the steam however, know call the football season just starting this little thing, but tonight will be a great test for the tournament and qualifications when Team USA squares off against team Canada.

I've seen a bit of the hockey World Cup so far, and has been good to me, but nothing that should watch TV yet.

I saw Team USA giving up two goals in the first two periods on Saturday with Patrick Kane handing the disc to Team Europe in a 2 to 0 and so I changed the channel after the draw.

I saw parts of the night before comeback attempt by the North American team vs Team Russia last night and it was a little exciting hockey to watch. Young people in the North America team is fun to watch and speed for individual discs is amazing, especially the later it gets in the game.

They do not have enough in the tank last night, but it was impressive. Granted still he was not fully invested in the game as the Cubs and Bears playing Monday night.

Tonight we have the chance to see Patrick Kane Jersey going against Jonathan Toews again in the biggest game of ESPN can hype the tournament. The thing is that if the US team You want to leave the game the support they really need a win tonight over Team Canada stacked.

USA songs are really exciting during the Olympics, but just do not feel them still in this tournament, but things can change in a single game, maybe tonight is the game of the World Cup of Hockey.

Here are some links Chicago Blackhawks on Tuesday morning to start.

Missing Nick Schmaltz again, Chicago Blackhawks prospects Traverse City lost 3-2 on Monday night (Blackhawks)

Where did Nick Schmaltz range comes in the swimming Chicago Blackhawks prospect of going into this season and will have to be at the opening night of the team (the second city)

A preview of Chicago Blackhawks from the point of view of St. Louis Blues (Sportsblog)

A look back at the game last weekend at the World Cup and why the US team It is very slow (Indian committed)

Brad Marchand of a player everybody loves to hate is very popular in the wing of Sidney Crosby (SI)

Niklas Hjalmarsson makes his points without points (Sun-Times)

Sergei Bobrovsky saves the day for Team Russia (Puck Daddy)

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